Pet pointers: Make the most of a golden opportunity to adopt a great dog
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Q: My husband and I have decided we would like to get a dog. I have never really had dogs, but he grew up with golden retrievers and really wants us to get one. What should I know about goldens? We thought about getting one from a rescue organization, but wouldn’t that be a lot of extra work, since they are already damaged?

A: Why rescue a golden retriever? First, golden retrievers make wonderful companions. The breed is gentle, affectionate, intelligent, friendly and loyal. Golden retrievers enjoy children and are wonderful family dogs. Owners surrender their dogs for a variety of reasons. Changing life circumstances, including relocation, financial hardship, divorceor illness, may mean that an owner can no longer able keep their golden retriever.

Some people assume that all rescue dogs are “broken,” but this is not the case. Rescue organizations carefully screen surrendered dogs for health and temperament issues, and then work to match them with appropriate adoptive families. Each year, many healthy and well-behaved golden retrievers are placed in new, loving homes.

Why adopt a “golden oldie?” Golden oldies are dogs aged 8 years and older. While many families think they want to get a puppy or a young dog, there are definite advantages to adopting a more mature canine companion.

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NR, by email

This is a long-term issue. It’s dangerous for cats to lose weight too quickly as there can be a risk of hepatic lipidosis, a potentially fatal liver disease. So a steady decrease in body weight is the aim; it may take up to a year for Ralph to reach his ideal weight. Regular visits to your vet for weigh-ins are important. You should step up his exercise by increasing play or movement around the house (walking up and down stairs either by using a pet harness or by moving feeding bowls etc). Frequent small meals may make him less agitated at feeding times, and when food’s around, keep him separated from his brother.

My six-year-old whippet suffers from repeated pain in the left shoulder, especially in the morning. Vets have been unable to make a specific diagnosis but treatment with Metacam has been very successful, needing only three or four doses to settle it. My concern is that the condition keeps recurring. The Metacam costs £8, but each time I visit the vet, I am charged for a further examination at a cost of £28. Is there proprietary over-the-counter medication which will do the same job?

ECW, by email

Drugs like Metacam are potent pharmaceuticals that can have serious side effects if not used correctly. I don’t know of any safe over-the-counter medications that have the same effica…………… continues on

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