Fourth of July Pet Safety TipsNews from By the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center  For many people, nothing beats lounging in the backyard on the Fourth of July with good friends and family—including the four-legged members of the household. While it may seem like a great idea to reward Rover with scraps from the [...]

Keep pets safe for Fourth of July celebrationsNews from Daytona Beach News-Journal: Independence Day is a great cause for celebration here in America, with cookouts, fireworks and fun. However, it can be a nightmare for our pets. This year, take measures to ensure that your pet can enjoy a safe, happy holiday as well. It [...]

Hicks: My kids want a new pet -News from how does a gator sound? – San Jose Mercury News: About three (OK, 30) times a year, my kids go on a prolonged spell of pestering me about getting a new pet. Apparently the ones we have are no longer fresh and wonderful and need to [...]

Plan ahead to keep pets safe in event of a hurricaneNews from In the last couple of weeks, with all the downpours we have had several readers inquired about what to do with their pets should a hurricane come this way. So today we are going to get away from the crime issues, and [...]

Bret Michaels, Pet Accessories Designer? Believe ItNews from People Magazine: Bret Michaels Carrie Reiser Bret Michaels wanted a dog bed with metal studs. “I wanted them,” he tells PEOPLE, “but realized very quickly, not very safe, so got rid of them.” The rocker-by-day is speaking as a designer of pet accessories. It’s an endeavor he [...]

Kansas City Pets | Euthanasia down but crowding up at KC shelterNews from Kansas City Star: Late last year, Kansas City reached out to a new private management group to try to improve its struggling animal shelter. But in the ensuing six months, the new management team, called KC Pet Project, has dealt with the [...]

Officials: Blasts targeting pet store, soccer field kill 11, wound 29 in 2 …News from Washington Post: BAGHDAD — Two bomb blasts nearly 150 kilometers apart killed 11 people Monday night, officials said, as Iraq’s death toll continued to climb in the second bloodiest month since U.S. troops withdrew late last year. Officials and experts [...]

The new fireworks law in Michigan could put pets on edge, but …News from flickr photo by alyak Summer is officially here, and it’s a season filled with a lot of fun for us humans — but from a pet’s vantage point, it can prove to be quite difficult — especially during Fourth of [...]

New campaign targets: Pet ownersNews from USA TODAY: Yes, it’s true — Campaign micro-targeting has gone to the dogs. Dog owners, that is. Cat owners, too. Pet owners of all kinds are now being targeted by political campaigns for money and votes, another example of how modern technology has enabled politicians to slice and dice [...]

Pet piranha bites off tip of toddler’s fingerNews from Chicago Tribune: An 18-month-old girl is recovering at a hospital after she apparently stuck her hand into the family fish tank and a piranha bit off the tip of her finger at their Maine Township home. Her parents heard their daughter start crying in their Bay Colony [...]