Adopt a pet for $30 now through August 12th at Animal Friends

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Adopt a pet for $ 30 now through August 12th at Animal Friends
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To celebrate the 30th Summer Olympics, Animal Friends, a no-kill shelter in the North Hills, is offering all adoptions of animals age 2 and older for only $ 30 each.

Visit Animal Friends to meet the adoptable animals — dogs, cats, and bunnies — and view their Olympic scorecards, proudly displayed on their kennels for competitions including:

· De-cat-alon

· Litter-boxing

· High jump

· Doggie paddle

· Freestyle wrestling

· 10,000-minute nap

· Discus throw

· Syncronized snacking

· Floor exercises · and more!

They have champion snugglers too! So be a homeless pet’s champion. Stop by Animal Friends and check out out their Olympians’ scores to find that perfect – and furry – 10.

August Special events at Animal Friends:

Saturday, August 4
7 pm – 9 pm
Must Love Dogs (and cats…and bunnies…!) Singles Event

Animal Friends

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On the Spot: The ins and outs of prepping pooch for flight
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Question: I read the July 18 On the Spot about where to leave Fido when one travels, but what if I want to take him with me? My Fido is 40 pounds, too big to fly in cabin. The pet planes don’t leave from people airports, so how do I coordinate both flights? And how do I check safety records?

Marcy Kelly

Los Angeles

Answer: The safety-record question is easier to answer: You can find information on commercial carriers at The report from 2011 shows that 35 animals died, nine were injured and two were lost, of the hundreds of animals transported. Delta appears to have the biggest problem; 19 animals died on its flights.

You can arrange to have your animal shipped by air (Google “pet shipping”), but that doesn’t resolve the differences in arrival and departure times. Neither would flying Fido on the all-animal PetAirways, which debuted two years ago but was reportedly having financial problems. (Company representatives did not respond to requests for information.)

Putting you and your dog on the same flight is one way to ensure that you aren’t departing and arriving at different times. Animals fly “under cabin,” weather and other factors willing.

Commercial airlines often…………… continues on Los Angeles Times

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