Pudgy Pet? Call Biggest Loser: Pet Edition

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Pudgy Pet? Call Biggest Loser: Pet Edition
News from nwitimes.com:

Keeping a healthy weight is as hard for pets as it is for their owners, which is why the doctors at Gast Animal Hospital in Valparaiso have decided to launch the Biggest Loser: Pet Edition competition.

Bob and Carol Cosby, of Portage, were among the first to register their dog, Wrigley, for the three-month competition.

Wrigley, a 10-year-old puggle, has seen his weight increase to 61 pounds over the years.

Carol Cosby said she is hoping the competition will help jump start Wrigley’s weight loss, and hopes he ultimately gets down to about half his size, or 36 pounds.

Even though he goes on twice-daily walks, Wrigley can’t resist begging for food and treats, she said.

“I have never seen a dog that can eat forever, like this one can,” she said. “He has the best disposition in the world, but he is so overweight.”

For Dr. Stephanie Barringer, offering the program at Gast Animal Hospital seemed like an easy, fun way to get owners to focus on the health of their pets.

“There are so many clients I have where we know the pet is overweight, and we chat briefly decreasing feeding and increasing activity,” she said. “Then a year later, I find that brief discussion didn’t go anywhere, and in fact, the pet got heavier.”

Barringer said more than 59 percent of pets nationwide are overweight, and that extra weigh…………… continues on nwitimes.com

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