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Pudgy Pet? Call Biggest Loser: Pet EditionNews from Keeping a healthy weight is as hard for pets as it is for their owners, which is why the doctors at Gast Animal Hospital in Valparaiso have decided to launch the Biggest Loser: Pet Edition competition. Bob and Carol Cosby, of Portage, were among the first [...]

‘Biggest Loser’ trainer Dolvett Quince on pet fitnessNews from Los Angeles Times: Dolvett Quince was well aware of America’s obesity problem. After all, he’s one of the trainers on NBC’s weight loss reality show, “The Biggest Loser.” But, until recently, he had no idea that America’s bad eating habits were trickling down to its pets. [...]

Guilt Trip: Biggest Worries of Pet Owners Who TravelNews from TIME: 75% of pet owners don’t trust airlines to safely care for pets in cargo; 73% feel guilty about leaving their pets at a kennel; and 15% admit to smuggling a pet onto a plane or into a hotel room. Getty Images Eager Dog Companion [...]

Obese pets vie to lose weight in ‘Biggest Loser’-style ‘Pet Fit Club’ competitionNews from New York Daily News: Fifi, a morbidly obese cat weighing 21 pounds, is one of 18 finalists in a British “Biggest Loser”-style competition for overweight pets. Veterinarians have placed Maverick, a 22-pound puss that weighs 85% more than its ideal weight, [...]