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Seattle Artist Sues Over ‘Angry Birds’ Pet ToysNews from ABC News: A Seattle artist who designed a line of plush pet toys called “Angry Birds” is suing the company that sold them, saying it cheated her of millions of dollars when it reached a deal with the Finnish company that makes the insanely popular videogame [...]

Union City: Stolen exotic pet birds returned to young sistersNews from San Jose Mercury News: UNION CITY — Two young girls have been happily reunited with their exotic pet birds after they were stolen from their home last week, police said. On June 6 around 8:20 a.m., Union City police officer Nate Geldermann responded to [...]

New Zealand Economist: Abolish Pet Cats to Save BirdsNews from TIME: Getty Images If New Zealand businessman Gareth Morgan has his druthers, it could all be over for Fluffy and pals: The economist and environmental proponent wants to see his country rid of pets that pose a danger to native birds — namely cats. “That [...]